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About Us

Growing a company is easier said than done, our experience can help you.

About us

InvestLink is an independent investment company founded by the former founders of  SecureLink, Bert Van Loco, Hans Van Erum and Frank Staut. By doing specific investments we want to use our experience in entrepeneurship to help other companies. We do have relevant experience in starting, growing, financing and internationalization of a company. It is our philosophy to pursue a participatory partnership through a personal and involved approach.

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Bert Van Loco

Before co-founding SecureLink, Bert was Sales Manager at SwitchLink.

Bert is an industrial engineer in electro-mechanics and has an additional economic degree of EHSAL.

Hans is also a co-founder of SecureLink, before he was was also active at SwitchLink as a consultant.

Hans is industrial engineer and has an additional degree as trade eningeer.

Before co-founding SecureLink, Frank was Operations Manager at SwitchLink.

Frank is an industrial engineer electricity-electronics.

His last operational function at SecureLink was CTO of SecureLink Group.

Hans Van Erum


Frank Staut

Never change a winning team!

Bert, Frank and Hans are already collaborating more than 20 years. Loyalty and transparency are values ​​that form the cornerstone of this long-term relationship.


Providing smart capital

InvestLink typically takes minority partnerships in both start-ups and medium-sized companies to further support the growth and professionalisation of the company in consultation with the current management. Important for participations is that InvestLink can demonstrate a clear added value that leads to a win-win partnership.

Coaching / advice

InvestLink is not the traditional investor who limits his role to a quarterly participation in the Board of Directors. We are a team that, through its experience and extensive network, provides expertise that enables entrepreneurs to grow beyond themselves

Value creation

Value creation is the ultimate goal of every entrepreneur. Value creation is the result of the perfect management of all business processes. InvestLink can offer customized support in areas such as strategy, marketing, financial planning, sales, governance, etc. All this expertise, built up by practice, leads to a stronger foundation for your company.



Rectangle - Bright Blue.png is a software company specialized in "Location Intelligence" solutions. The technology developed uses Artificial Intelligence to enable companies to create a dynamic virtual representation of their operations. The client portfolio consists of organizations that manage complex operations and strive for increased efficiency and safety. In view of the most demanding market segments, is now working with imec on a unique wearable to obtain accurate position determinations in all circumstances.

Rombit makes ports and industrial companies more efficient, safer and more dynamic. The technology company develops integrated customized software and hardware solutions based on thorough market knowledge and technological expertise. Rombit was founded in 2012 and has grown into a company with 60 employees. The Antwerp based technology company has been awarded several times, both nationally and internationally, as "Startup of the Year" (Voka, 2014; Trends, 2015; Fujitsu Global, 2017; Bridge San Francisco, 2018; ...).

Core ICT is a rapidly growing IT company based in Brasschaat. With an extensive range of IT solutions from design and installation, but also full management with an SLA agreement from complex IT infrastructures to providing advice, Core ICT is a very solution-oriented IT company where the customer is always central. A solution is only really successful when all parties are satisfied with the end result.


NetLeaf is an independent cybersecurity integrator based in Rumst. They assist IT teams of these companies in designing, implementing, securing and managing complex networks, in order to allow customers to focus on their core business.


InvestLink has ensured that both companies have merged to form an integrated integrator that can execute network, security and server and storage projects and provide the necessary managed services both on-premises as well as in cloud environments.

Kappa Data is a network, security and IOT distributor from Ghent that provides a lot of added value to customers in these domains. In Belgium, the company has been an established value for many years and is the preferred distributor for numerous resellers. Kappa Data has also been active in the Netherlands and in Poland for a few years. As a distributor with added value, the aim is to continuously deliver high quality for services and training, together with carefully selected strategic partners.

First is an ICT service provider from Mechelen where unburdening has been the key word for more than 10 years. With more than 100 employees, First tries to help customers with their digital transition. The company provides an extensive range of IT infrastructure services in a Managed Services model such as Service Desk, local support, Cloud services, ... First manages and supports the IT ecosystem in function of the core activities of a company. In addition, First also offers secondment services. In order to reinforce their business-oriented approach, First developed a workspace as a service service that allows their customers to enjoy a higher ROI compared to their traditional IT investments in the workplace.


AXS Guard, developed by the company Able in Mechelen, offers your company or organization secure access and use of the internet via one platform that safeguards network, data and applications. It is a simple and affordable solution, fully scalable to your needs and supported by an easily accessible technical support. At AXS Guard, they like to think along with you, also about your new cyber security challenges.

Trendskout is a Ghent company that developed its own AI software platform and focuses on the democratization of technology. It offers a software platform to build analyzes based on AI in an accessible and fast way according to the no coding principle.

Best Next Contact is a multi-channel contact center with a focus on proactive customer contacts and prospecting. It is BNC's vision that every customer contact or prospect contact should be relevant, generate value and be surprisingly pleasant for all involved.

Exalens’ ground-breaking cyber-physical AI equips companies with their own Industry 4.0 Virtual Security Analyst, which allows Manufacturers to know in seconds whether cyber incidents are occurring, or whether ongoing disruption is a result of a cybersecurity breach, system fault, or equipment failure.


StackGuardian's Cloud Orchestration Platform makes enterprises adhere to compliant cloud orchestration practices driving consistent results by interfacing cloud users with right processes when using public clouds.

Lupovis defends your infrastructure from rogue employees, attackers or malware by deploying high-fidelity decoy within your infrastructure for high-alert fidelity and outside your infrastructure for 24/7 actionable threat intelligence.

By constantly monitoring the Internet, we detect known and emerging threats and help streamline analyst’s workflows to quickly identify and prioritize critical threats, while disregarding unnecessary or harmless activity.


Reaqta is a European security company with headquarters in Amsterdam and Singapore, it offers a complete Endpoint Detection & Response solution that offers the necessary protection to all possible endpoints in a very automated way. The solution has scored particularly well in the latest Mitre tests.

Reaqta was fully acquired by IBM Security on December 1, 2021.


nextAuth is a spin-off from COSIC, an imec research group at KU Leuven and has developed a highly secure and flexible mobile authentication technology that can be easily integrated into your own applications. The mobile client can be fully customized to the wishes of the customer. It is evident that the market for secure access to applications is becoming more and more important, identity theft is unfortunately common and it is often a trade-off between extra security and ease of use. The solution that nextAuth offers is a combination of a very secure solution and a very user-friendly solution for the user.

nextAuth was acquired by Itsme in October 2023



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